Roof Top Solutions:

Solar Roof top solutions are growing in India very rapidly and biggest contributor is the P2P models promoted by the ministry of new and renewable energy. We have very efficient roof top solution for the residence, small and large enterprises, and buildings those already using either DG sets or invertor for the backup power.

RVC delivers turnkey rooftop solar solution including installations and after sale support &services; that significantly reduce the energy costs of small &large; businesses energy need at very affordable cost.

Our unique service proposition offer robust support to deliver the maximum out during entire life cycle of the product. This makes RVS very unique and ahead of other Solar Solution provides.

RVC solar solution utilizes more solar energy falling on earth than other conventional solar solution, which means we produce more electricity per panel, and we use less roof space to yield the energy you need. As a result, you’re saving starts straightaway and you are protected from volatile electricity prices, Diesel prices.