Health Care Solution:

Health Care Centre structure and current scenario of the health care infrastructure in rural areas has been developed as a three tier system (see Chart 1) and is based on the population norms. As on March, 2011, there are 148124 Sub Centres, 23887 Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and 4809 Community Health Centres (CHCs) functioning in the country.

An existing facility (district hospital, sub-divisional hospital, community health center etc.) can be declared a fully operational First Referral Unit (FRU) only if it is equipped to provide round-the-clock services for Emergency Obstetric and New Born Care, in addition to all emergencies that any hospital is required to provide. It should be noted that there are three critical determinants of a facility being declared as a FRU: i) Emergency Obstetric Care including surgical interventions like Caesarean Sections; ii) New-born Care; and iii) Blood Storage Facility on a 24-hour basis.

There are many initiatives taken by government via strengthening existing PHCs and CHCs one of the major steps in this direction could be to implement the power solution for the lighting and cooling facility for medicine.

RajiVihaan DHUP solution converts solar energy into electricity and provides a comfortable level of illumination whenever it needed the most, wherever there is electricity crisis. Solar DC energy will provide enough power to DC Refrigeration for keeping essential medicine at required temperature. The designed hybrid Charge controller takes care of utilization of Grid and Solar power available most effectively which minimizes the dimensioning / sizing of solar panel and Battery for back up. DHUP is the basic fundamental of designing of such solutions.

Our designed solution helps to protect the environment and health friendly.

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