Solar Fan

Because of the lower power consumption RVC Solar DC Fans provides longer hours of operation using our ultimate design. Solar Fan are affordable, low power consuming and also operates directly from Solar Panel, thus making it an ideal replacement for those electric fan consuming three time more power. Minimum noise, high in speed, lightweight, portable and is ideal for a person to get maximum air flow. Migration from AC devices to DC low power consuming devices are happening and mean time our offering also includes Hybrid device which take input power from the Grid directly to run the fan. Our all offered models comes with the Hybrid power input, that is best for the replacing all the existing AC high power consuming fans. We have verities of Fan models for the different kind of need like:

  1. Solar Ceiling Fan- Brushed motor
  2. Solar Ceiling Fan- Brush less motor (BLDC)
  3. Solar Pedestal Fan
  4. Solar Wall mounting Fan
  5. Solar Table Fan