Solar Batteries

It is important that Solar system designers have a good understanding of Battery design features, performance characteristics and operational requirements. In stand-alone photovoltaic systems, the electrical energy produced by the PV array cannot always be used when it is produced. Because the demand for energy does not always coincide with its production, electrical storage batteries are commonly used in PV systems. The primary functions of a storage battery in a PV system are to:

  1. Energy Storage Capacity and Autonomy: to store electrical energy when it is produced by the PV array and to supply energy to electrical loads as needed or on demand.
  2. Voltage and Current Stabilization: to supply power to electrical loads at stable voltages and currents, by suppressing or ‘smoothing out’ transients that may occur in PV systems.
  3. Supply Surge Currents: to supply surge or high peak operating currents to electrical loads or appliances.
  4. Various models of RVC Batteries are: