Solar Air Conditioners

The Solar Powered Air Conditioner &Solar; Generated Power offers DC engineered air conditioning, variable speed compressor, DC/AC blending and Hybrid technologies to provide efficient use of energy like no other. The Hybrid Charge Control System allows for the renewable energy sources or the lowest cost form of energy to be used first. For example, first the solar panels are utilized, and then battery power, and finally AC from the grid if unit is grid attached and priority can also be define. The solar panels will charge batteries during the day and then the AC from the grid will charge at night when grid ac costs are typically lowest. The unit does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Installation can be direct through walls or ducts and custom configurations available for specific geographical locations.

We are not “just another” air conditioner. Nor are we a grid-tied, run the meter backwards system. RVC Solar Air Conditioning is energy savingsystem.

DC air conditioner systems are simple, reliable, and tried and tested. AC Buses and Trucks are running in our City and highways with these systems all over the world. They design to work at extreme conditions. We simply design energy efficient home and business direct current air conditioner with solid solar engineering and reliability in mind.